Saturday, January 4, 2014

Happy New Year!

I’ve been wanting to start a blog for a while, and what better time to do so than the beginning of the year!  I’m hoping posting will keep me accountable with my health and fitness goals, but also give me a creative outlet.  And who knows, maybe I can even inspire some of you.

Since it's the beginning of the year, it feels appropriate to post my New Year's Resolutions.  So without further ado:

1.  Be My Healthiest and Fittest Self.  This has been my New Year’s Resolution for as long as I can remember.  Although, honestly, in the past it was probably more along the lines of "Get Skinny" or "Quit Being Such A Fatty".  My goal for this year is healthiness, focusing more on how I feel and less on the what the scale says.  Scales are evil anyways.

2.  Love Myself.  I want to feel more comfortable in my own skin.  The self-hate has  I read a quote once that said "Be okay with where you are, even if you know you want to change".   

3.  Read More.  I love getting lost in a good book.  I used to be an avid reader in high school, but I stopped in college when studying took over.  My goal is 2 books per month.

4.  Take More Pictures.  I love to relive memories by looking through photos, but I never take enough.  This blog should help me keep this resolution.  Maybe I will have to get a new camera though, since I only have my iPhone right now...

5.  Be More Productive.  Self explanatory.  I need to spend less time on Facebook and more time getting things done.

6.  Finish Projects That I Start.  Right now I have an unfinished scrapbook, a half-complete book journal, and a barely started travel journal in my apartment.  Well no more this year!  These projects need to be finished, if for nothing else but my sanity.  And this ties in with my final resolution…

7.  Keep Up With My Blog.  My goal right now is 3 posts a week.  Hopefully you all will help keep me accountable :)

What are your New Year’s Resolutions?

Happy New Year...♥

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