Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Quinoa Chili and Treadmill Intervals

For dinner tonight I made Quinoa Chili from Damn Delicious.  I left out the kidney beans because I'm not a huge fan (and neither is my sister, who I live with/cook for regularly), only used half a lime, and left out the sugar.  The best part about this meal is there is a ton of leftovers, which means lunch for a few days!

I think my favorite thing about cooking is that all this...

Turns into this...

Quinoa was perfect in this chili, and the flavors were amazing.  A perfect meal on a cold winter's night!

A few hours after dinner, my sister talked me into going to the gym.  We have a small "gym" in our apartment which means there is little excuse to not go.  I'm lucky to have someone to motivate and push me.  It definitely helps to have someone to keep you accountable.  We decided to try an interval workout on the treadmill.  I was a little nervous because I haven't run since October, but it actually felt really good.  It was much easier to get back into running than I thought it would be.  Here's what I did:

5 minute warm up walk
30 seconds running/sprinting
30 seconds rest (standing on the side of the treadmill)
Repeat x10
5 minute cool down walk

Because I was nervous, I did my first "sprint" at 6mph.  Typically I run at 5.4mph, so this was faster for me, but I knew I wasn't pushing myself hard enough.  So I increased my speed for every sprint by 0.2mph until I got up to 7mph.  I'll definitely be doing this again when I need to get in a fast workout, but I will be pushing myself to do faster sprints now that I know I can!

What's your favorite quick and effective workout? 

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