Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Taco Tuesday (and Monday!)

For dinner last night I made Chicken and Black Bean Tacos from Undressed Skeleton.  These tacos are full of flavor and they are super healthy.  Baking them makes them the perfect amount of crunchy.  Plus, they are much easier to eat than a typical hard shelled taco.  And bonus, they were delicious as leftovers!

I used my all-time favorite salsa:

And some reduced fat mexican shredded cheese:

I left out the jalapenos because they are a little too spicy for my tastes.

I think it's easier to lay out all 8 tortillas and put on the toppings so everything is even.  Here is my "taco making station":

And here are all the tacos rolled up.  I didn't think they would all fit in my 9x13 pan but I squished them all in!

Dinner is served! With some Wholly Guacamole and light sour cream :)

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